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From D1 

to md

I was a Division I Track & Field athlete and personal trainer before I decided that I wanted to become a physician. Four years of medical school & 3 years of residency terrified me & I wasn't sure if the journey was worth it. I took the MCAT twice and took 3 gap years where I worked as a hospital pharmacy technician and medical scribe and now I am attending one of the top medical schools in the country.  

The Power of Sport

In high school, I played basketball & ran track. I was always better at running than I was playing basketball but didn't start to appreciate my gift until I made it to college. I decided to walk on at my University & worked HARD day in and day out. The next year, I earned a scholarship on my own and eventually was provided a full scholarship by the time that I graduated!


Track & Field taught me the importance of teamwork. At the end of my last Conference Championship, we were down 3.5 points competing for 1st place and the only event left was the 4x400m relay. I was the anchor leg. I ended up winning the relay with my team and won Conference for the first time in my career while also breaking the Conference, facility, and school record! I knew the same teamwork could be applied when working as a physician. 



After taking the MCAT twice & 3 gap years of working as a hospital pharmacy technician & medical scribe, I gained acceptance into one of the top medical schools in the country! 

FUN FACT: I was hell bent on getting into medical school right after undergrad even though my track & field schedule didn't leave me enough time for clinical experiences. I originally took the MCAT in January 2020 and applied to 3 DO schools. I got waitlisted & then accepted to a school the following June, but I knew that it wasn't the school for me and I already paid for an EXPENSIVE MCAT course because I planned on reapplying. I am SO HAPPY that I made that decision because I wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to be a medical scribe & discover my interest in hematology/oncology. I also wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to attend a TOP MEDICAL SCHOOL on SCHOLARSHIP... and lastly, I wouldn't have gotten the chance to meet these wonderful ladies! 

moral of the story: 

Don't settle. Listen to your gut. 


So grateful to be attending this institution. Grateful for the financial support. Thankful for the social support from family & friends. I am truly so happy to be here!

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